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Acucut: Opthalmologist worldwide know that minimizing risks and meeting patient performance demand are the most important issues to consider when choosing the right surgical knives. Shah Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. offers a line of ACUCUT OPHTHALMIC MICRO SURGICAL KNIVES that consistenly provide both the quality and hight Performance nacessary to achieve these goals.

Precision You Can See

  •Ultra Sharp

  •Exellent tactile response with minimal drag

  •Exact Sharpness & Consistency

  •Dimensionally Precise

  •Flewles cutting edge

  •Superior wound leakage

Quality You Can Feel

  •High Performance

  •Effortles tissue penetration

  •Improved Surface Finish

  •Our vacuum-purified double melt, hardened and tempered stainless  steel technology produces a uniform strength and ductility that is critical to creating our precise cutting edge for smooth, uniform incisions

  •Color Coding

Performance You Can Trust

  •Accurate, Wll controlled incisions

  •Tigthly sealing incisions

  •Meet Patient Performance demand

  •Rapid wound healing

  •Reduced potential for infection

MATT FINISHED KNIVES Improves view of the operating field. Eliminates reflective glare from operating room light sources. Maximal vibisility of the knife within the eye chamber. Ultra Sharp Dimensionally Precise High Performance


A1 Medical: A1 Medical is a manufacturer of highest quality micro-surgical instruments used in Ophthalmology, offering customers the freedom of choice. These hallmarks have proven to address a gap in the market, since incorporation of the company in 2012. Consequently more and more surgeons and nurses worldwide experience and value the consistent high quality level of A1 Medical products and services.

The A1 Medical team combines decades of experience in medical technology, with passion for instruments, skills, team spirit and mastery of latest manufacturing technologies. We deliver on time, are responsive and committed to medical progress. Driving improved approaches for medical routines by realizing novel instrument designs together with our partners and customers is therefore our continued effort.

We are independent, rooted in the Tuttlingen region, manufacture and distribute highest quality level instruments Made in Germany, enabling medical professionals to help patients as best as humanly possible.

A1 Medical provides you with the reliability patients deserve.

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