Muscle Hooks

Muscle Hooks

Graefe Muscle Hook, small,
Size 1     ES-0790

Graefe Muscle Hook, medium,
Size 2     ES-0800

Graefe Muscle Hook, large,
Size 3     ES-0810

Helveston Muscle Hook extra delicate, small,
with blunt tip, 8.0mm       ES-0820

Helveston Muscle Hook, extra delicate, medium,
with blunt tip, 10.0mm     ES-0830

Helveston Muscle Hook, extra delicate, large,
with blunt tip, 12.0mm     ES-0840

Jameson Muscle Hook,
small     ES-0850

Jameson Muscle Hook,
medium    ES-0860

Jameson Muscle Hook,
large      ES-0870

Green Muscle Hook ES-0880
Stevens Tenotomy Hook,
blunt small     ES-0890

Gass Retinal Detachment Hook,
with oval opening     ES-0900

Helveston „Teaser“ Hook, extra delicate,
blunt     ES-0910